Get ready to elevate your Austin City Limits experience with the perfect wine pairings courtesy of Blurred Vines’ knowledgeable sommeliers. Whether you’re a free-spirited Hippie or a neon-clad Raver, we’ve expertly matched wines to take your festival journey to the next level. Join us in exploring how the right wine can enhance your festival persona as you dance at the main stage or wander through art installations. Grab your wine glass, and let’s dive into the best wine pairings for ACL festival stereotypes!

The Hippie

Wine Pairing: Organic and Biodynamic White Wine (such as a Sauvignon Blanc)

Description: The earthy and sustainable vibes of the Hippie stereotype match well with wines that promote environmentally friendly practices.


  • Dressed in tie-dye clothing and flower crowns.
  • Embraces the festival as a spiritual experience.
  • Loves jam bands and psychedelic music.

The Raver

Wine Pairing: Sparkling Rosé

Description: The vibrant and energetic spirit of the Raver pairs nicely with the effervescence and fruity notes of a sparkling rosé.


  • Neon clothing and glow sticks are their signature style.
  • Enthusiastically dances to EDM and electronic music.
  • Can be found in the front row at the main stage.
  • Known for their energetic and colorful vibes.

The Festival Fashionista

Wine Pairing: Champagne or Prosecco

Description: Champagne or Prosecco is synonymous with luxury and style, perfect for the Festival Fashionista.


  • Prioritizes stylish outfits and trends.
  • Spends hours curating festival looks on social media.
  • Often seen in the VIP area or at exclusive parties.
  • Enjoys a wide range of music genres.

The Party Animal

Wine Pairing: Red Sangria

Description: The festive and social nature of Party Animals matches the communal enjoyment of red sangria.


  • Carries a cooler full of alcohol and party favors.
  • Is the life of the campsite or after-party.
  • Dances all night and often misses early morning acts.
  • Loves EDM, hip-hop, and other high-energy genres.

The Music Snob

Wine Pairing: Vintage Wine (aged and highly regarded)

Description: A music snob may appreciate the depth and complexity of a well-aged vintage wine.


  • Claims expertise on obscure bands and underground scenes.
  • Critiques sound quality and production values.
  • Prefers to discover new, unheard-of artists.

The Wanderer

Wine Pairing: Picnic-friendly White Wine (like Chardonnay)

Description: Wanderers value exploration and simplicity, making a crisp white wine suitable for their outdoor adventures.


  • Often found exploring the festival grounds.
  • Enjoys the art installations and interactive experiences.
  • Values the overall festival atmosphere over specific acts.
  • Appreciates the sense of adventure and discovery.

The Superfan

Wine Pairing: Wine from the Band’s Hometown

Description: Superfans can show their dedication by enjoying wine from the hometown of their favorite band.


  • Wears merchandise of their favorite band from head to toe.
  • Camps out for hours to secure a spot in the front row.
  • Sings along to every lyric and knows the band’s history by heart.

As you prepare to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Austin City Limits Music Festival and embrace your festival persona, remember to stock up on the perfect wines to complement your experience. At Blurred Vines bottle shop, you can explore a diverse range of reds, whites, and sparkling wines, expertly curated by our sommeliers to match every festival stereotype. 

Blurred Vines is also thrilled to host a Pre-Event Party and Champagne Shuttle to Austin City Limits. Join us on both Saturdays for wine, brunch bites, and a stress-free and stylish arrival to Zilker Park. For more information on the event, please click here

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