Who We Are

Our Story

Blurred Vines tasting room and wine club was created by three hospitality professionals and wine lovers who wanted to bring light to undiscovered wines made by great people. We have specially curated a space where people can disconnect from the day to day and connect with interesting people while enjoying amazing wine. The speakeasy inspired tasting room creates an intimate atmosphere for guests to immerse themselves in the stories of wine. We promise to educate you by showcasing undiscovered gems with unique stories and exceptional value.

Our promise to you…


Our #1 commitment is that we will sell wine that consistently drinks well above its price point regardless of the actual retail price.


We feature up and coming wineries and wine makers that have no retail distribution in Texas. We work with small lot producers that have an indie vibe to them.

Unique Stories

The wines we sell come with a great origin story that can be told while enjoying the wine. We believe that interesting people make great wine and are just more fun.


We seek to not only sell great wine, we also hope to increase the enjoyment of it by cutting through the bullshit and educating our customers about wine in general.

Blurred Vines is much more than tasting incredible wine; This is a place to explore, learn, and connect. Let your expectations melt away and immerse yourself in the story of your wine.

Meet the Team

Malon Lemoins 

Malon Lemoins is a professional sommelier and wine consultant in Austin with over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He strives to be the very best in everything that he does, pursuing excellence in all aspects of his career.  This attitude has enabled him to advance rapidly within the restaurant, hotel, and special event sectors of the service industry. Starting as a server, his ambition drove him to pursue leadership positions. He now applies his growing professional talents to achieving absolute guest satisfaction while developing deep industry knowledge and business acumen.

Along the way he developed a passion for wine, and it has become the driving force in his stellar career.  In his words, he found a “wonderful place to blossom in a fast growing, completely engaging, and rapidly evolving industry.”  Starting in 2016, Malon served as the wine buyer and general manager for a well-known downtown wine bar. He earned his sommelier badge with merit and went on to lead other businesses helping people with logistics and storage of their wine collections. In these roles he developed the relationships and networks that give Blurred Vines access to its incredible offerings. 

​​Bill Poston 

Bill Poston is an entrepreneur, advisor, investor, philanthropist, educator, and adventurer. He is the founder or principal owner of over twenty companies and nonprofit enterprises. He began his professional career in the hospitality business before shifting his focus to management consulting helping global businesses achieve their growth goals through innovation. He is now bringing those skills back to hospitality and launching several new businesses. He also leads the Housley Principled Leadership Program at Texas State University.

Bill is the principal investor in several startup companies, real estate ventures, a charter boat, a good fantasy fiction trilogy, a bad feature-length comedy, and an island or four. His passion for exploration and adventure keeps him moving around the world in search of more extreme forms of hiking, SCUBA diving, snow skiing, boating, and all types of fishing. He stays fit with a punishing exercise regimen and a crazy diet that includes lots of really good wine. While he lives with a “no fixed address” mentality, he feels at home in Austin, Telluride, Belize, in the Texas Hill Country, or wherever his boat, the Somewhere Hot, happens to be.

Cortney Lebens

Cortney Lebens is a successful entrepreneur, social innovator, business executive, mentor, fitness fanatic, inspiring leader, and aspiring fashion icon. From a small town in the Texas Hill Country, she possesses a strong work ethic that propelled her to become the CEO of two significant businesses before the age of thirty.

In 2014, she launched Muy’Ono Resorts and expanded the portfolio from a single property to a diverse set of sixteen highly successful resorts and travel businesses. As the founder of Muy’Ono, Cortney created a company culture and collaborative work environment that enabled growth and success. She then launched her own digital marketing agency, Delicious Digital Marketing. The female-led firm offers top-notch branding and marketing services to travel, leisure, and lifestyle brands all over the world.

Cortney is a wine lover and a values-oriented leader whose mission is to inspire and mentor young professionals to grow both professionally and personally. She is good at juggling multiple projects, and she’s not done yet – in addition to Blurred Vines, she is incubating a fitness business and developing a new resort in the heart of the Texas wine corridor near Fredericksburg, Texas.