As the sun-soaked summer days begin to wane, there’s a collective sigh in the air as we bid farewell to long evenings and lake days. But fear not, for the grand finale of summer is here – Labor Day weekend! It’s the last hurrah, the final curtain call for flip-flops and poolside parties. And what better way to celebrate this bittersweet farewell than with a glass of wine perfectly paired with your end-of-summer escapades? Let’s dive into some of our sommelier’s wine pairings for your Labor Day weekend festivities.

Beachfront and Bubbly

Labor Day weekend wouldn’t be complete without a sandy soiree by the shore. Whether picnicking on the dunes or playing beach volleyball with pals, you need a wine that matches the lively energy. Enter sparkling wine, the life of the party! Pop open a bottle of Prosecco or Champagne, and let the tiny bubbles dance their way into your heart. The crispness and celebratory nature of bubbly perfectly complement the joy of a day spent in the sun.

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Lakeside Leisure and Chilled Whites

Ah, the allure of a serene lake day – the gentle lapping of water, the sun’s reflection shimmering on the surface – it’s a symphony of relaxation. To complement this idyllic scene, you need a wine that’s as refreshing as a dip in the lake itself. Enter chilled white wines, the perfect companions for lakeside leisure. A Sauvignon Blanc brings a zesty, citrusy freshness that pairs wonderfully with the laid-back vibes of a lake day. 

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Backyard BBQ and Bold Reds

Fire up the grill, tie your apron, and channel your inner grill master for a backyard BBQ blowout. Ribs, burgers, grilled veggies – the works! As the savory smoke swirls through the air, reach for a bold red wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon or a spicy Syrah. The deep, rich flavors of these wines can stand up to the charred perfection of BBQ fare, creating a symphony of taste that’ll have your taste buds doing the tango.

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Hiking Highs and Crisp Whites

For those who prefer to say goodbye to summer on a mountain trail rather than a beach towel, a refreshing white wine is your hiking companion. Pack a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio in your backpack – it’s like a cool breeze captured in liquid form. These wines are as crisp as the morning air at higher altitudes, and their zesty notes will refresh your spirit as you conquer that summit.

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Sunset Serenity and Rosé All the Way

Labor Day weekend isn’t just about the parties; it’s also a time to unwind and soak in the last rays of summer’s glow. What better way to do that than with a glass of rosé? This pink-hued wine embodies the delicate transition from summer to fall. Its fruity and floral notes are a poetic match for a serene evening watching the sun dip below the horizon.

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Movie Marathon and Dessert Wines

You may be the type who’d prefer a movie marathon or a cozy indoor gathering for Labor Day (especially in this heat). As you indulge in a cinematic escape, why not treat yourself to dessert wines? Sip on a luscious Port or a sweet Riesling while you indulge in your favorite films. Like a heartwarming ending, these wines provide a lovely finish to your summer saga.

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So, whether you’re lake-bound, BBQ-ing, hiking, sunset-watching, or staying cool indoors, there’s a wine pairing that’ll make your Labor Day weekend truly unforgettable. Cheers to the memories made, the seasons changed, and the promise of many more wine-soaked adventures to come!

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