Whether you’re already well-informed or still don’t know if you prefer whites over reds, wine tasting is the perfect date night and an excellent chance to expand your wine knowledge. Although an expert sommelier will guide you through the experience, don’t hesitate to ask questions! Good wine tastes better when you know where it came from, what makes it unique, and how to pair it with your date night meals. Blurred Vines aims to make wine approachable and bring people together. We have prepared some questions so you can leave your tasting with an in-depth appreciation and understanding of all things wine.

What is the vineyard’s history, and what are they known for?

There is often much history and heritage associated with the winemaker, region, and bottle. Learn about the origins of wine to gain a stronger appreciation for the taste. 

Are any of the wines a blend? 

Wines often contain two or more grapes that contribute unique flavors and aromas. Learn the science behind the composition of your wine. 

What food pairs well with this wine?

Different wines make delicious combinations with various types of meat, desserts, and cheese. Learn what food pairs best with your favorite wines. 

Which wines have the highest alcohol percentage and why? 

Wine varies in alcohol content. Learn about what influences this fluctuation and what makes some more alcoholic than others.

What temperature should you serve this wine? 

Reds, whites, and roses are served at a wide range of temperatures. Learn how to serve wine properly to enhance the taste. 

How long can you shelf this wine? 

Open wine must be consumed within a certain period. Learn about how the shelf life of wines impacts the flavors.

How can I tell if a wine has gone bad? 

No one wants to drink wine with a musty smell or sour taste. Learn the ways to tell if a wine is “corked.” 

How was this wine fermented?

There are numerous ways to ferment and age wine, all of which impact the flavors and aroma. Learn why some wines have more of an oaky taste than others. 

Which wine on the list is your favorite right now? 

Wine tasting lineups often change regularly. Learn which wine your sommelier prefers and why. 

Why do people swirl their wine? 

People may hold their glass a certain way or swirl their wine. Learn the proper tasting technique to make the most out of every bottle. 

Wine tastings are meant to be fun! Not only do they make for a memorable date night, but they are an incredible learning experience. Each bottle has a story to tell, and there is no shame in asking questions to better understand wine, its history, pairing notes, and more. We love talking about wine and will gladly tell you everything we know. Cheers!
Blurred Vines tasting room is open Wednesday – Sunday. For more information on our wine tasting experiences in Austin, Texas, click here.

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