The People 

We are suckers for rags-to-riches stories and this wine is the product of one of our favorites. The owner, Luigi Aquilini came to North America in 1956 from a small farm in Northern Italy seeking a new future. Over the next 65 years he built an empire in agriculture, construction, entertainment, and hospitality. He is both one the state’s largest blueberry producers and the owner of the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks. With success, came the opportunity to travel and taste great wine. He loved it so much he decided to get in on the game and now owns more vineyard acres in Washington State than anyone else. Luigi is now in a position to enjoy all of the finer things in life. He loves walking in the vineyards each day. The best of the best produced from these fields get the Aquilini name…and we get to share it with you.

Bordeaux-born Philippe Melka is the wine maker and for wine lovers we could just say, “Enough said.” Philippe is arguably the most acclaimed and influential consulting wine maker in the world. We didn’t know that he worked outside of Napa Valley, and we want to know how Luigi Aquilini convinced him to take on the family brand. Philippe will not touch a wine unless it is capable of being among the best in the world. We typically can’t afford Melka’s wines, or they are reserved for extra special occasions. Having his name attached to the Aquilini Sauvignon Blanc is a mark of unmatched quality. At Blurred Vines we we believe that great wines are made by interesting people and this is no exception to the rule.  

The Juice

Sauvignon Blanc of this quality is not just for summer afternoons by the swimming pool. This Aquilini offering expresses a sophisticated and elegant structure not always found in a Sauvignon Blanc. The best clusters of perfectly ripened grapes were hand harvested early in the morning to preserve acidity. The wine is noticeably more textural and layered than most. Enjoy the aromas in the glass, taste the bright fruit, and then notice how the flavor lingers on the finish. This is not your aunt’s grocery store wine. 

The Dirt

Sweeping gusts of wind, wild temperature swings, and high-alkaline soil are just a few of the features that position Red Mountain, Washington among the world’s top regions for growing wine grapes. It is not unusual to get a dusting of snow in the winter and almost no rain during the growing season. That allows the vineyard manager to control moisture to the vines with a finely tuned drip irrigation system that delivers just enough water to each plant. Red Mountain is on the exact same latitude as the best wine growing regions of France and the volcanic soils are like the best regions of Italy. The weather and the soil make it a wine makers version of heaven. 

The Taste

Wonderfully clean and focused aromas open with stone fruits, citrus, and tropical notes interlaced with Meyer lemon. Energetic acidity frames the core of this wine while building texture on the palate, deftly balanced by just a nuance of oak. The finish is clean and lingering with minerality throughout. 

The Spill

While our CEO Cortney enjoys her cabernets, she is also a sun seeker that loves the beach and the lake. The Aquilini Savignon Blanc is her jam while enjoying the Texas summer or the Belizean boat life. She isn’t much of a guzzler, so she enjoys savoring every sip of the good stuff even when it warms up a bit. She says, “I don’t know where Malon finds these wines, but he never disappoints. I haven’t had sauvignon blanc since I lived at Jackson Hall and drank it out of a box. I love introducing friends to the Aquilini and seeing the surprise in their faces.” She has stocked the wine fridge at the lake house for the summer.

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