The People

When a Texan fancies he’ll take his chances, chances will be taken. That’s for sure. And so it was with Vicarious winemaker, Jason Moore. Growing up in Dallas, winemaker wasn’t exactly the most obvious career path, but at the age of 24, after working as a waiter and acquiring a love for the cellar, he sold everything he owned and moved to California with the lofty aspiration of making great wine.

We are lucky that he didn’t know how ridiculously hard it was going to be. Jason taught himself how to make wine by cultivating mentors and constantly pestering them with questions. What he learned is that winemaking is a stylistic artform and you can only get better by practicing and making wine. He honed his craft in the garage of an elderly vineyard owner in Napa who generously offered Jason a deal. He would supply the grapes, Jason would make the wine, and they would split the product on bottling day. 

That is how, at the age of 26, he officially started his professional career by producing 200 cases of Napa Cabernet. Jason’s story is the inverse of the typical Napa narrative. He didn’t get rich doing something else and then pursue his passion. He started with the passion, and it shows up in every wine he makes.

The Juice

This is a classic, soft, and easy-to-drink California-style Chardonnay. It is a gold medal winner with a score of 91 points. The Vicarious label represents simplicity – wines made without snobbery. This Chardonnay is barrel fermented and aged in 50% new French oak. It’s limited production of only 125 cases means that it instantly sold out at the winery, but we are happy to have a stash to share with you. We call this a Friday night wine. Meant to be savored by the sip.

The Dirt

The grapes for this wine are sourced from multiple vineyards on the Sonoma Coast. Blending from different locations gives the winemaker lots of options. Jason strives for consistency as the hallmark of the Vicarious label. The Sonoma Coast captures the fresh essences of the cool Pacific Ocean and combines it with a radiant fruit profile from the California sun.

The Taste

This classic California Chardonnay is dry, yet fruity, light-to-medium body with even and complex flavors. It is golden straw in color with aromas of baked apples and dill. Enjoy a sniff before your first sip. We argued as we found flavors of guava, caramelized pineapple, toasted bread, and onion jam. However, we all agreed that this wine has a pure, silky, balance that has depth, freshness, complexity, and length.

The Spill

Bill is the Chardonnay lover and white wine advocate on the team. He says that this wine reminds him of himself – white and full-bodied. As a fellow Texan, Bill appreciates Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to his craft. He was planning to take a case of Vicarious Chardonnay to the lake house for the summer until he found out we couldn’t get any more. This wine is a sure-fire crowd pleaser for anyone.

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